Our Menu
     Breakfast can be anything you would like from a slice of toast to a large full breakfast.

At lunch time select from our table menu or daily specials on the board - lunch can be anything from a sandwich to a feast.

Daily cooking ends at 2:30 and after that we serve Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches and a good selection of cakes.

Sundays are special - Breakfasts served until 11:30 - Then Sunday Lunch until 2:30 . After 2:30 and Sunday becomes like any other day.

House Specialities - Eirly's Scones - Fruit Scones served with Butter, Jam and Clotted Cream
                                  Our Sponge Cakes, Victoria, Coffee and Chocolate Sponges to die for.
                                  Lou's Cup Cakes and Sponges
                                 Granny Biff's Apple Pie and Cheesecake

Just walk in, sit down and we will come to serve you - Just like the old days........